This page hopefully answers any questions you may have and constitutes the rules governing the Fantasy Rugby League competition on Love Rugby League. If you do have any further questions please contact or tweet us @loverugbyleague.


Players earn points as follows:

Starting Appearance 2 Sub Appearance 1
Try (+1 point for each extra try) 4 Goal (nominated kickers only) 2
Drop Goal 1 On the winning team 1
Sin Bin -1 Sent Off -2

NEW FOR 2021 is the bonus point for every player on a winning team in any game week.

ALSO NEW is the Captain selection – your nominated captain will earn double points (not including goalkicks) for that game week. You can change your Captain each week if you wish.

TRY BONUS an extra try adds another point. So two tries earns a player nine points, and three tries earns a player 15 points.

Please note the Man of the Match points have been removed for 2021.

Player selection

You have to select 17 players consisting of 13 players to make up a standard starting line up and 4 players for your subs bench made up of 2 forwards and 2 backs.

You cannot select more than 3 players from the same club and you must meet the salary cap of £2,200,000 to be able to enter your team.

Dual positions

Some players regularly play in two positions or have a history of playing in more than one position. To reflect this some players have two positions they can be selected in.

You choose which position the player will occupy in your team when you add them for the first time and you can’t select a player more than once, so you cannot pick the same player to occupy two positions.

You can switch the players position without using a substitution providing that there is space in that position. As an example if you have selected a player as a loose forward who is also available as a second row you can switch that player to second row provided there is an available second row slot or space in the forwards section of your bench. Players can switch between forwards and backs provided there is space as above.

Player Changes

Throughout the season players may well move clubs and automatically updating this could render your team selection invalid. You may therefore keep a player at whichever team you have selected him at and it will not cost you any transfer points to change to his new team should you want to. If you remove the player from your team you will only be able to select him future at the new club.

For example you select a Huddersfield player who moves to Hull KR midseason. You may keep the player in your team as a Huddersfield player and may also at any time change him to a Hull KR player without the cost of a transfer. You may not change him back and should you transfer out the player you will only be able to select him in future as a Hull KR player unless he moves back to Huddersfield.


You select four players to be on your substitutes bench consisting of 2 forwards and 2 backs. In the event that a player in your starting line up doesn’t play then a substitution from your bench will be made assuming there is a player who has played during that game week.

Substitute preference

You can select a preference between your substitutes in order to help decide which player would get selected in the event of a substitution being made.

In the event that more than one player from your starting line up doesn’t play non playing players will be considered for substitution in the following order for backs SHF, SOF, FB, W, C and for the forwards HK, LF, P, SR.

For a substitution to be made the following criteria must be matched:

  • An available player who has scored points must be available on the bench.
  • They must match the forward or back positioning
  • Preference will initially be given to players matching the exact position of the player not playing. If there are any players on the bench with a relevant dual position (backs on the bench cannot replace forwards) this will then be taken into account.

In the event of two players being equally eligible then the user preference will be taken into account, if no preference has been made then players will be ranked in the following order highest price, highest current total points, high last season points, alphabetically.

A few examples

  • Your scrum half doesn’t play and there is one scrum half on the bench, he will be selected regardless of any other criteria
  • If there are two scrum halves on the bench the player with preference 1 from the backs will be selected
  • If there are no players selected in your team as a scrum half but there is one with a secondary position of scrum half they will be selected.
  • If there are no scrum halves or two players with secondary position of scrum half the player with preference one will be selected and played out of position their primary position
  • If there has been no preference selected the substitution will go ahead according the ranking criteria above starting with highest price.


As per the points schedule above you only score points for conversions if you have selected a player as a kicker. You can do this either with the options that you get after saving your team or using the “more details” box below the team view on the “my team” page. You can select two players as kickers and it makes no difference if you select them as kicker 1 or 2.

If you do not select kickers then these options will be automatically assigned as your stand off and then your scrum half. If you have only selected one kicker the second will be your stand off, if your stand off is that selected kicker then it will be your scrum half. This is done before any transfers are processed and as per the substitution selections no preference is given to place kickers in a missing kicker slot.

If you kicker does not play their kicker their slot will be allocated as per the normal missing kicker rules and go to the player playing either stand off or scrum half.


A new addition to the game is the Captain selection. This enables you to select a player that can earn double points in a gameweek (not including goal kicks).

You can nominate a Captain and a Vice-Captain.

If your Captain does not play, then your Vice-Captain will earn double points. If neither your Captain or Vice-Captain plays, then no player will earn double points in that gameweek.

You can change your Captain and Vice-Captain each week and must submit prior to each gameweek deadline.


You will have two transfers to use every game week to allow you to change players within your team. The summary box below your team view shows any current pending changes. During your first game week you will have unlimited changes until the full close of the transfer window.

If you remove a player who is a confirmed selection he will become a pending removal and use a transfer slot.

If you remove a player who is a pending change he will be removed from your team without using a transfer slot.

To reselect a player who is a pending removal then do so as normal via the players list, reselecting a pending removal will add the player back in as a confirmed player. They will have lost any kicker status or bench preferences that were previously selected.


You will have a transfer wildcard to allow you to make unlimited changes in one game week at any point during the season. You can activate this at any week you choose by selecting the option in the more details box under “pending changes”. This option is not available during your first game week as you already have unlimited changes.

Once active you cannot undo the wildcard and even if you only make changes under the normal transfer limits you will still be deemed to have used your wildcard. You can activate this at any point during the open and rolling transfer window.

If you team selection is invalid or not saved at the end of the window it will revert to the previous week as per the team submission rules, you will still have been deemed to have used your wildcard.

Rolling transfer window

The transfer window will not be one fixed deadline as in previous seasons and will instead close in stages an hour before each match is played. Each player is eligible to be changed until an hour before their team is due to play, this includes transferring in or out and changing roles in the team, e.g. position, kicker status etc. As of the last game of the weekend all teams are then frozen for the game week.

There are therefore effectively three stages of the transfer window –

  • The “Open” stage, up until an hour before the first game of the game week
  • The “Rolling” stage, after the open stage but up to an hour before the last game of the game week
  • The “Closed” stage, after the end of the rolling transfer window.

Once a rolling deadline is encountered all players from the relevant teams are locked in place. You will not be able to transfer them out of a team or into a team. If they are pending a move out of your team they will not be able to be moved back in, but you will be able to replace them in the lineup and confirm your changes provided your team selection is valid. You will also not be able to move them within your team e.g. to or from the bench or switching to a dual position. Any kicker status and substitute preference is also locked.
During the rolling phase you may do all actions as normal, change kickers, sub preference, transfer in or out provided it does not involve a player who has is locked.

You can tell a player is locked within your team selection as they will show a locked icon in the bottom left and have a greyed out look.

Player’s clubs

If a player has changed clubs midway through the season it is possible you could still have them selected at their old club. They will be locked for changes in accordance with the club they are currently playing for and not necessarily the one you have them selected at. E.g. A player moves from Hull to Huddersfield, within the rules you may keep the player selected at Hull in your team but he will be locked for changes an hour before Huddersfield play.

Reset transfers

You can reset your team to a previously saved version depending on the transfer window status. During the open phase of the transfer window (up to the first game’s deadline) you can reset your team by removing all pending changes putting your selection back to the last time you saved your team, this may include saved changes from since the last game week. Alternatively (and only after the first game week) you can reset your team back to the last game week and have all of you transfers available again.

Once the rolling transfer window is entered you can no longer reset your team back to the previous game week. If you choose to reset your team by removing pending changes this will only be done if none of those pending transfers include players who have been transfer locked.

After the end of the rolling window you will not be able to reset your team during the closed phase of the window.

If you reset your team removing pending transfers you may lose bench preference and kicker selections so you will need to check they are correct.

Team submission

You will always be required to confirm and save your team and no automatic saving of pending changes will be done. Even if your current team selection is valid all pending changes will be discarded and your previously confirmed and saved team selection used, this includes kicker and bench preferences from that previously saved lineup. If you have not saved a team lineup since the last game round then your lineup will default to the last game week.

The exception to this will be if during your first game week you get to the closing of the transfer window with a valid team selection and no previously saved line up, then you will be automatically entered into the competition at that point.

Small print and general T&C’s

Just a few bits, by entering the competition you agree to abide by the rules here. Should find any issue or problem please let us know, we reserve the right to deduct points or disqualify users who we feel have used any bugs or problems to their advantage without reporting them to us.

Occasionally we may need to update the text on this page to fit in with a new situation that occurs, we will notify any updates at the bottom of this page.

Love Rugby League staff and their families cannot win any of the prizes on offer but will play the competition. If one of them is likely to occupy a prize winning position we will let people know. Any prize would in this case default to the next user.

Rule updates

None so far.


None so far, as you ask questions throughout the season we’ll add them here if we think they can help.